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Community Outreach Board

The community outreach board helps guide the Emory-Udall Center in its efforts to share its research findings and current approaches to improving Parkinson's disease (PD) treatment. The board reflects the local PD community and is composed of patients, patient-partners, the Atlanta coordinator for the American Parkinson's Disease Association (APDA), and the Emory-Udall director and coordinator. By empowering community members in the process, we hope to develop an outreach plan that is responsive to the local PD community needs and interests. 

Community Board Members:

Christabelle Auguste
Tammyjo Best
Tyaisha Blount
Susan Brister
Christina Holbrook
John Humphreys
Allen Rabinowitz
Jan Rabinowitz
Nik Roberts
Thomas Wichmann
Bill Wilkins
Ron Wincek