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Past Seminars

Presentation by Udall Pilot Grant Recipients

"Structural connectivity in circuits damaged by Parkinson’s disease"
Daniel Huddleston, MD
Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology
Emory University

"The role of ɑ-synuclein toxicity in locus coeruleus neurons and non-motor features of Parkinson’s disease"
Malu Tansey, PhD
Presented by: Laura M Butkovich, PhD Candidate
Neuroscience Program, Emory University
December 5, 2017


Origins of dopaminergic error signals in the ventral basal ganglia of singing birds*

Jesse H Goldberg, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor and Robert R. Capranica Fellow
Department of Neurobiology and Behavior
Cornell University
September 29, 2017

*hosted in parntership with the Computational Neuroscience Training Program and the Beckman Scholars Program


Circuit organization of mouse motor cortex

Gordon MG Shepherd, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Physiology
Feinberg School of Medicine
Northwestern University
June 2, 2017


Reward coding and value signals in dopamine neurons

William R. Stauffer, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Neurobiology
Systems Neuroscience Institute
University of Pittsburgh
May 9, 2017


A new twist on an old tale: Cholinergic brainstem neurons as modulators of striatal function

Juan Mena-Segovia, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Center for Molecular and Behavior Neuroscience
Rutgers University
December 16, 2016


Deep Brain Stimulation: Applications, mechanisms and new developments

Svjetlana Miocinovic, MD
Assistant Professor of Neurology
Emory University School of Medicine
September 6, 2016